Mr. Ernie Covil by Faith Phillips

Ernie Covill (center) of the Royal Army Service Corps

We met so many delightful veterans during the 70th anniversary of DDay in Normandy. One gentleman in particular was Mr. Ernie Covill of the Royal Army Service Corps. Three years ago, Mr. Covill had come to our “A Final Farewell", and he remembered our family!

Faith gets Mr. Covill to sign her book.

I talked to him by the monument at Utah Beach for a good bit, and he kept emphasizing how pleased he was to see us and how “lovely” the event three years ago had been. He even said that he had been thinking about us the day before on the ferry over to Normandy, hoping to see us again. I was so pleased that he would remember us after such a long time! 

A few of the English veterans who came to pay respects to the American soldiers of Omaha Beach.

Three years ago, there were thirty veterans in his group. He told me that now there are only six left, and that he was grateful for the ability to come back for another year. It was providential that we saw him that day, as we had been planning to leave the beach for a while. And it was such an encouragement to me to see that our event three years ago had been such a blessing to him!

Ernie Covill and Peter Scott. Two friends from the 67th anniversary. We were so pleased to see them again!